About Gracehope.com


Gracehope.com is a social networking platform custom-built for Christian believers.
It has a simple vision of connecting believers around the world.
To cut through all the noise and clutter of social technology, Gracehope.com deliberately limits you to these 3 functions:
Broadcast Words of Inspiration:

On Gracehope.com, you can unabashedly broadcast thoughts to inspire others:
It may be a verse of scripture you have just read, an aphorism, or simply a word that will motivate, encourage and inspire your friends.
Share your Prayer Requests:
Have an urgent prayer need, or know of someone in a desperate situation?
You can now take full advantage of the power of social media and share your prayer requests with all your friends.
Post your Praise Reports: 
Just experienced a breakthrough and can’t wait to tell all your friends about it?
With just a click of your mouse, you can now update all your friends about the faithfulness of our loving Savior, Jesus Christ.
You also have the option of broadcasting your posts to everyone in the world who is on Gracehope.com!
Be part of a global movement where believers around the world can be inspired by you, pray with you, and rejoice with you. 
We welcome any feedback or suggestions that can help us to make Gracehope.com a truly exciting and life-changing site.
Write to us if you spot anything that we can improve on: Contact Us
Gracehope.com is an experimental initiative by a team of idealists who believe that social technology can be used to connect & unite Christians around the world. Gracehope.com is an independent platform and is not affiliated to any church or ministry.