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See The Father's Love For You (2-DVD Album - NTSC)

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By: Joseph Prince

Product Code: 20070002DJ

Product Date: Dec 2, 2006

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Can what you do stop your heavenly Father from loving you? Will He still bless you after you have failed? In this moving two-DVD album, Joseph Prince delves into the parable of the prodigal son, and opens up fresh revelations about your Abba's deep and unending love for you. Besides the unconditional love and acceptance, the father in the parable also gave his son precious gifts - the robe, ring and sandals. Find out the spiritual significance of these items and see how they depict the blessings your Father has for you today. Listen and let your heavenly Father's love wash over you and embrace you into wholeness!
2 DVDs (2 sermons - approx. total duration: 2hr 36min)
Disc 1
-Part 1 (Approx 1hr 17min)
Disc 2
-Part 2 (Approx 1hr 19min)

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