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My family and I are under Grace!! Hallelujah!!

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wow... all of your wonderful prayers brought a mixture of many blessings last night.. My testimony of last night is the power of the Holy Spirit working.. Bringing wisdom to my wife and i and Lord Jesus' supernatural healing hands.. I bought rice cereal to mix in his bottle with all of your prayers and little Noah slept litearlly like a baby last night.. Many thanks to all of you and most importantly my brother Jesus and Daddy God and JP Ministries!!!
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Virginia Bache  That was something that worked for me when my daughter was just two/ three weeks old. I didn't have to use much rice cereal and she slept all night. God is good!
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Chris Ham  Amen!!! We used a teaspoon and set him up for 20 minutes after his feeding.. The more Jesus' finished work shows the more I fall in love with him!!
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Chris Ham  God's wisdom shined last night for sure.. I'm learning to Rest on Him more and more... Thanks Lord that I'm not under the law.. "It is finished!!!!"
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maynard Cameron  Awe how Awesome are the feet of them that bring forth good tidings of good. Romans.10:15...Just paraphrasing of course. So glad your child finally got his rest much needed for mom & dad as blessed and a blessing. your friend in Christ Jesus.
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David Keirs  Amen! God is soooo good.
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maynard Cameron  Yes God so wonderful and that no words could ever truly express how I truly about Abba Father, now I know how the true meaning of word love of God means. It means totally sold out for the glorious kingdom of God...thank be unto Jesus our reigning King...Amen.
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Chris Ham  Amen!!! I was just talking to my wife how incredible God, supply, supply.. infinite...
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maynard Cameron  Awe Amen bro..GBY and your family...:)
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Chris Ham  Thanks Maynard.. and to you and yours too!! Amens...
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