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My name is Joshua "The one whom Jesus Loves" Galima. Feelings occupy you with self, a sure path to depression.Faith occupies you with Jesus,a sure path to joy & victory!”:D 我叫杨光。 :D

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My Papa loves me...

LOL, that's all I need to know :D
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Tasi Lima  me too :)
4 yrs ago · Flag

Erik Almeida  Ha!! The most profound post I've read today:)
4 yrs ago · Flag

Janie Luna  Amen! Joshua, when are you coming back to US?
4 yrs ago · Flag

Joshua "??Sunshine" Galima  Who knows when Im going back to the US.

I'm not going to make God out to be out there, and I'm down here somewhere...

My Papa and I are one 哈哈哈。I am in I AM, I AM is is me :D
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