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God's delivering His message of pure, unadulterated Grace through Pastor Prince, has been life changing! As I "Delight myself in the Lord", I watch His miracle working power, daily, delivering to me, the "Desires of my heart"! I skip into His presence, knowing that His desires, plans, and dreams for my life, are "Exceedingly, abundantly beyond ALL I can ask or imagine

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Wow; pastor Prince's clear, constant reminders of all the being within/ held completely inside of/ protected/ covered by God's Grace, because we are in Christ Jesus, has sooooooo led us from Victory to Victory, even while circumtances have been challenging. We came to Collioure, France in part, so that I could find a place to sell my art in this town, which fills with art lovers all during the summer season. As of Friday, I have a Galerie/ atelier that will be exhibiting my fine art!!! As of today,a shop in town wants all of my other hand painted things; aprons, art handbags, handmade/ sculpted necklaces! God wants "all the work of MY HANDS to be blessed, and PROSPERED", and He has found me just the right places, so that He can show me He is faithful to His word! I have great expectations for my art sales in Collioure this summer, because I have the most High God on my side; He is for me, with abundant blessings prepared!!!! Hallelujah!!!!!
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Gwen Steen  Awesome!!! I pray that you will become a well known highly sought after artist whose creative work sells for much money in Jesus name!
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Holly Wojahn  Gwen; I receive that! Actually, if you google my name, you'll find many many pages of companies worldwide, selling some of my images. A post awhile back, asked for prayer for restoration of the $$ from these sales of my images, none of which are going to me! So your comment/ prayer is beautiful, timely, and I believe with you that God has amazing plans for my work in this town!!!!! Thank you, And God bless you today, too!!!! You have Victory in Jesus, in that one area that is right now on your h
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Holly Wojahn  Heart... :)
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Gwen Steen  awesome, I receive that! I will google you!:)
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Linda Croft  Yahoo! Happy to catch up on you& Gary's news! I celebrate knowing your Experiencing Our Lord's Goodness In the new land your In Cheers Holly & Gary!:) Thank You Jesus! for Your Evident Grace & Favour Blessings for them & Loved ones Amen!
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