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God's delivering His message of pure, unadulterated Grace through Pastor Prince, has been life changing! As I "Delight myself in the Lord", I watch His miracle working power, daily, delivering to me, the "Desires of my heart"! I skip into His presence, knowing that His desires, plans, and dreams for my life, are "Exceedingly, abundantly beyond ALL I can ask or imagine

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"My face is before you, radiant, shining, and full of love. My voice is there for you to hear; always speaking to you tenderly, of my grace filled love, that holds all I have prepared for you; the many blessings I have made ready for YOU. Walk beside me; don't pause without hearing me call you to. Don't move ahead, or away, or fall behind, because in this time coming, that is just ahead, you must know how to rely only on Me, and for that, you must be strengthened now, in your ability to decipher my ways, as I bring you to the place of peace, of safety, and of pastures green. Those pastures are not for the sick at heart, or clever, deceit- minded. I am not leading those who come to me from time to time; who want from Me and My stores, to provide them only when the evil world has left them broken and sickened. I am leading those who come; who rush, gladly into My presence everyday, and love to, long to, seek Me there, commune with Me there, be with me, for enrichment, for restoration, and for companionship. Those who I call my friends, are those who don't just rely on Me, or take refuge in Me, but those who love just to spend moments with me, throughout the days and nights, because in Me they have all peace, rest, and joy. Be in my company, and be always filled with all that I am. Choose to walk along with Me, and all peace will be yours. Delight in all My ways, and my loving arms will keep all unrest at bay.... When you put your eyes on me, your heartache and turmiol fall away, and you are kept in the perfect peace that can come only from Me... You are My love, you are My joy, you are My child, you are My creation. A flower, blossoming in the spring, is the way I have made you to be, in all times, and in all seasons. Don't look back over yesterday's sadnesses, or disappointments. Yesterday is gone from Me, yesterday is remembered no more. Be in my presence, and Be only in today, or much that I have prepared to bless you with, will be missed. Joy is My command; not My asking, or suggestion. Joy is the heaven/ gate opener. Peace accompanies joy, and in My peace and joy, all treasures of heaven are found. Rely on Me. Be in Me today, and let go of all past hurts and heartaches, and Rest, and joy, in all that I supply you with. "
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