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Receiving A New Job 4 days After Interview
From: Julius Morgan | Texas, USA

I sent a prayer request to your ministry to get a job. Four days after the interview, I got the job I wanted.

Thank You, Lord, and all the people that prayed for me!
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Jovin Kiboko  I am going to have a job interview tommorrow..,let this done to me also in Jesus mighty name. Amen!!!
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Gail Hoover  Thank you Lord, for your love and goodness to each of us
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Iris Yeo  Praise Lord Jesus! I will be having a job interview, later in the day. May I get this job opportunity by His grace too! Amen!
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Bill Stephens  I have passed the first interview and a second interview is being arranged, Lord if this is the job you want for me I ask that the whole process go smoothly and in your flow. In Jesus name, Amen.
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Carol Jones  Julius praise the Lord.blessed to be a blessing to others,rejoice,come with thanksgiving into Almighty's throne room,worship the Abba Father with praise,honor His name.He desires to give you the desires of your heart,fulfill His destiny for you,serve others rejoice continually.thank you Lord fora good position for Julius.bless his socks off,more,more than enough.John 10:10 life more abunandtly. we choose life,with Jesus & His benefits to give Jesus to the world.amen.Help Bill ,Iris new door amen
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Janice Witzke  That is what I call,favor. Praise God. Four days after interview.
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