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Unmerited Favor Leads To New Job And Substantial Payout
From: Sherry Morrison | South Carolina, USA

In August 2011, a friend gave me your book, Unmerited Favor, and said that the Lord had told her to give it to me to read during my vacation. So I began reading it and really thinking over the new revelations that I found in the book.

On August 29, my husband was laid off from his job of 22 years as a mid/upper level IT manager. We were devastated, but not defeated because my mind had been prepared by the words in the book about God’s unmerited favor. I never doubted that the Lord was in this whole situation.

Two weeks later, as my husband was calling contacts and sending out résumés and applications, he received a call from a contact at a company in the same area where he worked previously.

The contact told my husband that he had talked to his management and they were willing to make the funding available to create a position for my husband and pay him what he had been receiving.

Forty-nine days after his first interview with them, he was working in the new company. My husband had also received a full payment for 60 days from the company that had laid him off. The time without salary was 14 days yet he received a substantial severance package, which we hope to steward wisely. In fact, with the money, we were able to help some people during the Christmas season.

God has richly blessed us! Thank you, Joseph Prince, for your part in sending God’s message to us!
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La Verne Faulkner  Praise the Lord
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Steinunn Tómasdóttir  Bless the Lord for His grace and unmerited favours.
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DrVeneta Deity Theol  Alleluia! Glory ALLELUIA!
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Kim Goddard  I am believing and praying for this same thing in my job and career!!!
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Sophia van Dinter  AWESOME! Nothing Less but the BEST for us the "Accepted in the Beloved"... Praise, Praise, Praise the Lord !!!
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William Khoo  God is good!!
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Carol Jones  Pastor Prince God has given us keys to the kingdom spiritual laws that has opened our hearts to a new love her gives unconditionally,we don't have to work for it.His free gift for being obedient to loving others as he commanded.Just because He loves us.glad He chose you,wendy and jesica to be our partners to hear the Word with new revelation teachings,Abba Father bless this message to go into all the world,help us have seed to give to send them,in Your will. thank you.we are blessed and apprec
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Janice Witzke  Praise be to Jesus for his unmerited favor and grace for you. Rejoicing with you.
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Sherri King  To God be the glory. It is wonderful that you are helping others with the severance blessing your husband received. We are blessed to be a blessing.
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Flo Achega  Glory to God, His faithfulness is from everlasting to everlasting.
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