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I am much like Mary Magdelene,forgivin much, loving much.He has brought me"From Despair2Destiny"by supernaturally saving my life. Originally, I rebelled against God, but in His flawless, undying LOVE FOR ME,His plan for my life,before the foundations of the world, is now unfolding. MIRACULOUSLY, Almighty Yahweh Eloee Yisrael, continues to move w/ Yehoshua HaMashiach@the center of my life

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O WHAT MARVELOUS KINDNESS IS THIS! Is my worthless name written in His book of life? Am I redeemed by His blood, renewed by His Spirit, beautified with His loveliness, and clothed in His righteousness? O wonder of wonders! How can I forbear to love this adorable Savior? Can I withhold my choicest affections from Him? - John Fawcett
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Nicole Weatherford  PTL! YES&Amen!
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Rhonda Yehoshualoves  lol! Hi Jon :) very hot in city of brotherly love....brings out the not so brotherly side...(just kidding) but it is HOT! thank you Lord for A/C!!!
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Rhonda Yehoshualoves  Yes Kars He does!
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Gloria Lee Young  You are beautiful because the Father created you that way. You are all-together lovely like our Lord. You are the beloved and precious vessel of our Savior. You are the apple of your Heavenly Father's eye!
Rhonda, thank you for all the encouraging things you say to me and to our other brothers and sisters on GH.
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