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I was Lost but now I'm Found.I thank God for His Wonderful Amazing Grace. And I thank all the people that stood in the gap for me without ever giving up.Now I Love the Lord with all my heart. Praise God !!!

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For sin shall not have dominion over you, for you are not under law but under Grace. - Romans 6:14 - Praise God, now that's something to get excited about !!! Hallelujah !!! We love You Lord Jesus and thank You for loving us so much !!! Glory, Glory, Glory to God !!!
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Michael Claycomb  Amen, Glory to God !
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Naa Moley  amen
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Deborah Graves  AMEN!
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Danny Daniel  Amen!
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Tory Wilson  Yes Jean, We really love our pets, for sure. They bring so much joy into my life so I know they are a gift from God. Yes, He really does care !!! Hallelujah !!!
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