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I am much like Mary Magdelene,forgivin much, loving much.He has brought me"From Despair2Destiny"by supernaturally saving my life. Originally, I rebelled against God, but in His flawless, undying LOVE FOR ME,His plan for my life,before the foundations of the world, is now unfolding. MIRACULOUSLY, Almighty Yahweh Eloee Yisrael, continues to move w/ Yehoshua HaMashiach@the center of my life

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Good morning (afternoon or evening) beloved GHers!!!
=DAILY, I find myself so grateful to the point of tears before the Savior. When I begin to contemplate His goodness and mercy so obviously on my life, I am overwhelmed. He loved me so much that He came down from His throne and embodied my human condition. The King of Kings???!!!! And did not think it robbery??!!! I am most important and so loved by Elohim, that He came after me, loving me with an everlasting love, therefore continuoulsy drawing me to Himself??!!! Remaining faithful, even when I am faithless, because He can not deny Himself??!!!
SELAH beloveds!!!!
I become quite passionate in describing this to others and one said to me, "oh you should pull yourself together." My answer to this? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! Like the woman who cared not what anyone thought of such an "unruly" expression of emotion has she fell at the Master's feet and began to wash His feet with her tears and dry them with her hair, breaking open her jar of alabaster and pouring it all on Him (which was all she had of worth}. Yehoshua said that wherever the gospel would be preached, THIS story would be told!
Yahweh, let us seek to have such an experience with You today, realizing that because of such flawless love from You, we are forgiven much, and let that love touch our hearts and move us to worshipping You with COMPLETE ABANDON!!!! LORD, GREAT IS YOUR MERCY!!!
Wherever you are beloveds, I send all my love in Yehoshua from my heart. Have an awesomely blessed, Spirit-filled weekend.
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Sunaina Paari  Good Morning Rhonda
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Michael Claycomb  Shalom, Good Morning Rhonda...
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Patricia Graafland  Our relation with God our Father, Jesus our King and Lord and the Holy Spirit is so personal that nobody can understand. Only He accepts our expression of love. Love you my sister, shalom
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Tony Dresbach  Amen and may you be blessed abundantly!!
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