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I was Lost but now I'm Found.I thank God for His Wonderful Amazing Grace. And I thank all the people that stood in the gap for me without ever giving up.Now I Love the Lord with all my heart. Praise God !!!

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Freely Receive What God Freely Gives ( Romans 4:13 )
Don’t let the devil disqualify you by bringing you the law and saying, “How can you receive this blessing when just last night, you broke God’s law?” or “Are you sure you deserve this?” Instead, say, “Father, I thank You that I receive everything freely by Your grace, Your unmerited favor in my life, because of the blood of Jesus !!!” ( Joseph Prince )
Praise Jesus !!! I Receive, What about You ???
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Jerdean Tew Yunn Fei  Yes praise Jesus and Thank you Lord Amen
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Michael Claycomb  Amen !!
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Gwen Skyles Steen  yes and amen!!:)
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Danny Daniel  I receive...Amen!!
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Janice Witzke
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Kathy Pierson  Kewl...
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Maria Roman  i agree !!!! AMEN !!!!!!!
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