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Yet it pleased the Lord to bruise Him. (Isaiah 53:10)

Have you ever read Isaiah 53 about the sufferings of Jesus? It says, "it pleased the Lord to bruise Him." And the word `bruise' there in Hebrew is to ‘crush’. When I first read it, I couldn't understand that! I told the Lord: I know You gave us Your Son, but how can You say that it pleased You to crush Him? I got my answer a few days later, when I brought my wife and my daughter to the mall. At the end of the shopping trip, my wife and I had our hands filled with shopping bags and Jessica was tired. So I picked her up and she immediately fell asleep. While carrying my daughter on one arm and trying to balance the rest of the bags in the other, I realised that it was quite a distance to the parking lot and my arm was beginning to go numb! Yet I couldn’t bear to put her down and wake her up because I love her too much. As my hand went to sleep, the next stage came—pins and needles!
Beloved, right there and then, I realized what God meant when He said that it pleased Him to crush His Son. Just like how I would rather ‘crush’ my arm than wake my daughter because I love her, God allowed His Son, Jesus, to be crushed because He so loved us!
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Madeline Bonomo  What a beautiful,real picture of OUR LORD.Bless you JPM ministries for the truth and light on the word!!!
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Jesse Rodriguez  That is one of my favorite chapters of fulfilled prophesy .Ive been meditating a lot in those scriptures and God has been giving me revelation on them .I am going to continue cause i know theirs a lot of revelation that God is waiting to give to our spirit so he could hide it in our hearts and not our mind.This is a chapter that God reveals to the ones that don't believe in Jesus and they start walking in Grace and not the Law.
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Amanda Cuthbert  AMEN! We cannot even fathom all that HE HAS DONE FOR US to now have Him see us as He sees His Son!!!
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Mike Fuller  Amen!
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DrVeneta Deity Theol  So that we have the FAITH of HIM as our GOD! Alleluia!
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Angela Denise  Thank you God.
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