Facebook login

Facebook login.

  1. Gracehope.com believes in an open community, where users use their real identities to communicate and share/post content. The reason for implementing the login via Facebook for all users is to ensure that their Gracehope.com account is tied to a real identity/person. This prevents people with grievious intent from creating fake user accounts or impersonating another person. We do NOT share any of our users' personal information with Facebook. Any content that a user posts on Gracehope.com is NOT shared on Facebook unless the user hits the "Share to Facebook" option. Our heart and intent is to keep the community safe for our users.

    I don't have a personal Facebook account

    1. Go to Facebook.com & fill in the form to register.
    2. When you have set up a Facebook.com account, go to Gracehope.com & click on login with Facebook button on Gracehope.com

  2. Is your Gracehope login email different from your Facebook login email?

    Yes, my Gracehope login email is different from Facebook log in email.

    1. Click on login with Facebook button on Gracehope.com
    2. Tick the check box "I already have a Gracehope.com account on the popup
    3. Enter your existing Gracehope.com email & password
    4. Click "Continue"

  3. Still having problems? Make sure you have removed the existing Gracehope app in Facebook.

    In order for you to log in, you must remove the existing Gracehope app in Facebook.
    1. Please click on "Log In or Sign Up With Facebook" on Gracehope.com
    2. When prompted to remove the Gracehope.com app from Facebook, click the link. It should take you to your App Settings in Facebook.
    3. Hit the "x" at the side of the Gracehope.com app to remove.
    4. Go to Gracehope.com and try to login again.

  4. I'm a Gracehope.com Official page user. How do i sign in?

    Gracehope.com Official pages belong to churches, ministries or authors. To sign in to your account, simply follow the steps below:

    1. Please click on link shown by the red arrow below to login
    2. Enter your email & password to proceed