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Receiving From Jesus (CD Album)
Power Of Right Believing Tour (3-DVD Album – NTSC)
Break Free! Overcoming Addiction Through The Power Of Grace (2-DVD Album – NTSC)
The Secret Place – Where You Find Protection And Long Life (CD Album)
Step Into God’s Greater Glory (2-DVD Album – NTSC)
Worship Jesus And See Good Days (CD Album)
Disproportionate Grace For Your Weakness (2-DVD Album – NTSC)
Right Believing Leads To Right Living (CD Album)
The Power Of Right Believing—7 Keys To Freedom From Fear, Guilt & Addiction (AudioBook)
The Jesus-Centered Life (2-DVD Album – NTSC)
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Provision Promises (Special Gift Edition)
Provision Promises (Hardback)
Healing Promises (Special Gift Edition)
I Sing Hosanna (DVD)
It Is Finished (Softback)
Healing Promises (Hard Cover)
Twice The Life (CD Album)
Life Lift (DVD Album)
Goodness & Mercy (DVD Album)
Living A Life Of Victory (DVD Album)

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Right Place Right Time (Softback)
Health And Wholeness Through The Holy Communion (Softback)
Your Miracle Is In Your Mouth (Softback)
The Secrets of Divine Strength And Youthfulness (3-DVD Album — NTSC)
The Perfect Offering (Music CD with bonus DVD)
It Is Finished (Softback)
Spiritual Warfare (Softback)
Healing Promises (Hard Cover)
The Benjamin Generation (Softback)
Tongues - Our God-Given Gift (CD Album)