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Christ Is Risen - Matt Maher - LifeChurch.tv Church Online

First shared by rhea umaran | 3 yrs ago | Broken Link

Performed on Church Online by Joel Limpic and Marcy Preist.

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HIS Servant David Keirs was impacted by this video
Rhea shared this some time back but I just had to share it again cos there's so much love for JESUS in this worship song. It's long but sooooo good!
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rhea umaran was impacted by this video
beautiful.. worship! worship! worship!
Christ is risen!
Everyone· 3 yrs ago   4 like this · Like · Comment

David Keirs  Rhea, thank you for sharing, that was amazing. Truly beautiful worship. Wow!!!
3 yrs ago · Flag

rhea umaran  im convicted to share this, Glory to God! and i'll include this one for my song line up, really got goose bump! Praise God!!
3 yrs ago · Flag