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Come and Let Your Presence

Here is a song we will be singing in KidsChurch this week at Convergence...


Andrae Crouch - The Blood Will Never Lose It's Power

from The Mike Douglas Entertainment Hour (1981)

Lord We've Come To Worship

Don Moen - I Will Sing

Third Day - Revelation (live on "The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson")

Third Day - Revelation (live on "The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson")

I Will Praise You In This Storm

My compilation of photos and footage of unknown authorship. Music is by...

Joseph Prince - The Year Of Unceasing Fruitfulness - 01 Jan 2012

First shared by DDreamer Ferguson | 10 months ago | Broken Link

What are your hopes and dreams for 2012? Don't let pessimistic reports discourage or put fear in you. Based on God's Word, you can believe that you'll have a fantastic year! In his first message of 2012, Joseph Prince delivers God's word for this year—unceasing fruitfulness. Discover God's promise of how you can thrive and experience increase even in times of economic drought. What's the key
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Joseph Prince

What's the key to being fruitful, youthful and healthy, and blessed in all that you do? Catch a glimpse in this excerpt. http://bit.ly/y9ryk2
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