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The First Night of Christmas

A charming animation about the first night of Christmas when Jesus was born.

Paul Reid - What Will You Do?

Paul Reid - !Audacious - shares a thought for Christmas...

J.John - Receive the Gift

Cannon J.John shares a thought for the Christmas season....

Glyn Barrett - Don't Lose Jesus

Glyn Barrett - !Audacious - shares a thought for the Christmas season. If you...


There is a River

Song by, Rain And Fire Ministries. Help us! Donate $1 Now:...

Clint Brown - I Have A Friend - Live From Judah 2008

Performed LIVE at 2008's Judah Music Conference! www.clintbrown.com

Daniel Amos - 7 - Posse In The Sky - The Revelation (1977)

Daniel Amos - 7 - Posse In The Sky - The Revelation (1977)

Brandon Heath - Simple Man With Lyrics

I got the Lyrics from here:...

Jim Felix - Always on my Mind

Pictures of my family, and other beautiful pictures that i like. With Jim...

Jeremy Camp - Take My Life

Christian Rock song, Take My Life by Jeremy Camp

Shareathon 'Thank You' 2011

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http://ucbmedia.co.uk A massive THANK YOU to everyone who supports UCB on a monthly basis and for your financial support during our Grand Challenge 2011! We wouldn't be UCB without you... http://twitter.com/ucbmedia http://facebook.com/ucbmedia
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