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The First Night of Christmas

A charming animation about the first night of Christmas when Jesus was born.

Paul Reid - What Will You Do?

Paul Reid - !Audacious - shares a thought for Christmas...

J.John - Receive the Gift

Cannon J.John shares a thought for the Christmas season....

Glyn Barrett - Don't Lose Jesus

Glyn Barrett - !Audacious - shares a thought for the Christmas season. If you...


DELIVERANCE From Spirit of Vulture That Entered Lady Through Dancing By Tree

We are an Emmanuel TV office in the USA. If you are interested in the...

Britt Nicole - Promo for her new single "The Lost Get Found" on Itunes now!

Britt Nicole - Promo for her new single "The Lost Get Found" on Itunes now!...

Schindler's List - Official Trailer [1993]

Oskar Schindler is a vain, glorious and greedy German businessman who becomes...

Jeremy Camp - Not Ashamed - SPIRIT 105.3 FM

Jeremy Camp performs "Not Ashamed" LIVE on SPIRIT 105.3 from his album, "We...

Beth Moore: No Toilets (LIFE Today / James Robison)

To watch the full show, please go to http://c.loi.org/0jp (Available to watch...

Steve Uppal - Pray

Steve Uppal, All Nations Church, encourages you to pray! If you like it,...

Shareathon 'Thank You' 2011

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http://ucbmedia.co.uk A massive THANK YOU to everyone who supports UCB on a monthly basis and for your financial support during our Grand Challenge 2011! We wouldn't be UCB without you... http://twitter.com/ucbmedia http://facebook.com/ucbmedia
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