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Rend Collective Experiment
Well a movement of friends is a hard thing to package. When something happens locally that is real and sincere, it probably doesn't need too much hype. The Rend Collective Experiment started in 2004 as a group of confused 20 somethings started trying to figure out life, God and community. Then in...

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Stuart Townend - There is a hope

www.kingswayworship.com. There Is A Hope - Live Worship from Ireland - Taken...

Rend Collective Experiment - Movements OFFICIAL

from the album Organic Family Hymnal available from...

Nicol Sponberg - You Are My God

Nicol Sponberg (formerly Nicol Smith, formerly of the group Selah) recorded...

Onward Christian Soliders Hymn (with lyrics)

A nice hymn. :D (24)Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and...

Rend Collective Experiment - You Are My Vision - LIVE OFFICIAL

Music by Rend Collective Experiment | First shared by Jeffrey Lim | 2 yrs ago | Broken Link

We took an old Irish hymn based on the writings of St. Patrick that was written at least a millenia ago and retranslated it from the Irish and the old English to give what we feel is the best modern version. Then we added some Irish Folk and of course a trash can!!!BAM!! You can get the chords charts and lyrics at http://www.rendcollectiveexperiment.com
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