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FBT Little Quartet

First shared by Judith Solomon | 2 yrs ago | Broken Link

This is one of the many fantastic songs performed during our annual Living Christmas Tree. kids lip-syncing to a wonderful Christmas song. Be sure to share so you to can "spread joy" to others.
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Judith Solomon was impacted by this video
In keeping with the season of laughter and joy. Merry Christmas. Enjoy!
Everyone· 2 yrs ago   8 like this · Like · Comment

Judith Solomon  LOL. Yep, I thought it exemplifed one important aspect of the season - laughter! Merry Christmas y'all!
2 yrs ago · Flag

Brenda Lenoir  Yeah they were too cute! Almost wanted to take them home ALMOST!!!! LOL!!l!!
2 yrs ago · Flag

Daniel LeRoy  love you judy dear!
2 yrs ago · Flag