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Think Natural - Special Guest Dodie Osteen

First shared by Steinunn Tómasdóttir | 2 yrs ago | Broken Link

Dr. Ward Bond talks with special guest Dodie Osteen about her healing from terminal cancer. http://www.thinknaturaltv.com
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Helen Escandor was impacted by this video
Nothing is impossible to God.
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Steinunn Tómasdóttir shared this video
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Ruth Pinder  Thank you Sister Stenunn for sharing that message about Dodie O'Steen. Two things touched my heart in Truth, the number 7 and her cancer. Number 7 means spiritual completeness and the cancer she was cured of is very close to my experience I've also been blessed by GOD for HEALING from cancer. I thank GOD for all prayers that go out for me. I know and totally agree that prayers works. ALWAYS IN THE NAME OF JESUS. GOD Bless you always. PEACE AND LOVE, SHALOM
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Steinunn Tómasdóttir  My sister. Glory to God for his kindness, power and mercy. So now you live and declaire the works of the Lord. Peace and love to you my sis...
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Sim Bee Ong  Great testimony,encouraging !
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