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Lifehouse Everything Skit [Original]

First shared by Kathy Tannous | 3 yrs ago | Broken Link

This is the original Everything skit by Mission Baltimore. Please watch all the way through. It's an incredible performance that shows a teenager's struggle with everyday temptations.

Since many of you have asked what the different people in the skit represent, I thought I would define the influences. They are as
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Amber McNemar was impacted by this video
I can't even begin to explain how powerful this video is and how much it has impacted my life as a young adult. I wish that all teens especially could see this and learn from it. Simply amazing!
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Steve Deets was impacted by this video
This video says it all - SO impactful!
Puts a lump in my throat every time I see it
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Candice Holley was impacted by this video
I absolutely love this skit it brings tears to my eyes my son Nate needs to see this
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Wendy Hargrove shared this video
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Debi Threewitts  I LOVE this skit! We had a group at our church do this, too (my son was a "shaved-head" Jesus--he didn't have time to actually GROW hair--haha). But, seriously, this is a skit with a powerful message!
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Wendy Hargrove  Yes-it is powerful,I love it too,it means a lot to me personally,and Debi,this Jesus does not have long hair either-lol:)
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Wendy Hargrove  Thank you so much Jesus......
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Melissa Alejos shared this video
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Debi Threewitts  Love this! Saw this in person performed by another group as well--brought tears, shouts of praise and a standing ovation!
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Herlynda Gonzalez was impacted by this video
I think every person, whether young teenager or adult can be inspired by this amazing skit. Who does not come across greed, low self esteem, thoughts of just being gone.i s in Jesus that we find rest, in Jesus that we find truly who we are. If you have strayed, know tat Hod s waiting for your return, with open arms
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Kathy Tannous was impacted by this video
‎1/2 of youth are not virgins.
Over 1,500 youth kill themselves a year.
1 in 4 yiouth use illegal drugs.
40% of youth have self inflicted wounds.
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Bonavent Dmello  I will pray to God to bless you abundantly for you posted this....
God bless you...
Thanks alot...
3 yrs ago · Flag

kathy tannous  Your welcome Bonavent!:)
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Luella Drake  Hello, Kathy! I was curious if you happen to know how I can get into contact with the original performers of this skit? Are they a group that performs for people on a regular basis? Any info. would be helpful. We have a group that would love to do this skit, but I'd like to ask permission first. Thanks! :)
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