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Bukiwe Twani - Mandilive

First shared by Zlata Peic Bang | 3 yrs ago | Broken Link

Bukiwe Twani with Joyous celebration. The deepest powerful female voice on earth
Tags: African, African hymns, African songs, Botswana, CeCe Winans, Donnie, Gaither, Gospel, Homecoming, Japan Tsunami, JC, Joyous, Keke, McClurkin, Nobathembu, Sechaba, South Africa

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Zlata Peic Bang was impacted by this video
the word: Mandilive izwi lakho (let me hear Your word), Yehova ndizigcine kulo (Jehovah, let me stay in it). Ndisemtsha Thixo (as young´╗┐ as I am), Thath uqobo lwami (take me as I am, undisikelele (protect me). Ameni ndikunika uqobo lwami (Amen I give You myself)
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Zlata Peic Bang  \0/ \0/ HALLELUJAH \0/ \0/
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