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Draw me close to You - hillsong

dedicated this video to: JESUS CHRIST THE LIVING ROCK FELLOWSHIP.. Kindly...

In What Truth Is Your´Freedom

Pastor George Blatz @ Outflowing Service @ Let Go Let God Ministries

Hillsong - Gift of love

First shared by Tammy Kahmann | 2 yrs ago | Broken Link

Deze clip is gemaakt voor een dienst in de Basis, Apeldoorn.
Tags: again, crusified, easter, Fellowship, Geest, Genade, gift, Good News (Christianity), Gospel, Grace, grave, healer, Heer, Heilige, Holy, Hoop, Hope, houdt, Jesus, Jezus, jou, Kruisiging, Lord, Love, loves, Mercy, Ministries, Ministry, music, opstanding, pasen, Pastor, Praise, Preaching, Redder, Redding, Redeemer, rise, Salvation, Savior, Spirit, Truth, van, Waarheid, Woord, Word, You

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