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What Love Really Means

A song and video about Love and what it really means to be loved. How so...

"Thank You" By Ray Boltz

So I have gotten 100s of comments concerning Ray's coming out. I think we are...

The Self-Examination of the Saint- Part 3

According to 2 Corinthians 13:5 we are to "examine yourselves, whether you be...

EVERY IDLE WORD (Prophecy - Thus says The Lord Against the Mockers and the Wicked)

EVERY IDLE WORD - A Testament Against The World... The Lord's Rebuke -...

Still Rolls The Stone - Bob Bennett

Bob Bennett has shared his music with the Cypress Church family on many...

I Have Decided To Follow Jesus (No Rain): Laura Rowzee

My version of the song without the rainforest in the background.

Steve Harvey Introduces Jesus Christ

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This is the God I serve.
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