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All Of My Days (Daniel Choo) Hillsong

Proclaim Your awesome power Tell of mighty deeds Declare Your future kingdom...

"Invisible Love" by J.J. Heller

"For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities--his eternal...

Love Pours Down - Danny Liston

Love Pours Down written by Danny Liston


Brendan MacFarlane - Won't You Believe (Live Acoustic)

Music by Brendan MacFarlene | First shared by Jeffrey Lim | 2 yrs ago | Broken Link

*The contact information at the end of this song is no longer in use.*
contact - gordonascott@hotmail.com
website - brendanmacfarlane.co.uk
© Brendan MacFarlane 2011
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Tags: acoustic, acoustic guitar, bluegrass, country music, faith, finding jesus, gospel, guitar, jesus, live performance, looking for jesus, searching, won't you believe

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