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The Wide Gate

Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road...

The Gospel Is Only Good News To A Needy Man by Paul Washer

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about the video.... Thank You (From The Kingdom Come Sountrack) Jesus said...

Wonderful Merciful Savior with lyrics

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Delirious? (Our God Reigns)

Live At Willow Creek, Chicago, USA

Joel Osteen | God is for You!

Joel Osteen prays over the Lakewood Church congregation and encourages them...

Joel Osteen | God's Unending Love and Amazing Grace

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Joel Osteen shares about God's unending love and amazing grace. Not one day goes by that God does not extend His goodness and mercy to us.
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Jean Bell was impacted by this video
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Steinunn Tómasdóttir shared this video
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Brian Lawrence  I love Pastor Joel.
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Grace Ebeyer-Spangenberg  Amen and Amen!!!! we are blessed, we anointed, we are prosperous, we will lack nothing in Jesus Name Amen!
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Jerdean Tew Yunn Fei  Praise the Lord, Thank you Father Amen
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