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Still - Hillsong United with Lyrics

First shared by The Community | 2 yrs ago | Broken Link

My 3rd video is all about appreciating God's love for us as He died on the cross to save our souls and how we are lucky to have Him as our creator, mentor and saviour. I omitted some verses and put it in here that i love to read in the bible. And i hope you may have time to read it because it's beautiful.
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Selina Chan was impacted by this video
Still - Hillsong United with Lyrics
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David Reuben  Awesome!!!
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May God help those who going through suffering....
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Lisa Grande  Love that group!
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Find rest my soul...in Christ alone....know his power in quietness and trust
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Kristine Bierbaum  for God is not a God of confusion but of peace, as in all the churches of the saints!...1 corinthians 14:33
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"Still" by Hillsong - Lyrics

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Paula Melrose  thank you, need this
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